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How to Get Your Customers to Know, Like, Trust and Respect You

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Being a small business owner can be challenging. Unlike big brands, small brands have to do three times as much to pull in the faithful clients for repeat, consistent business. The core essence of this activity is building an audience of people who know, like, trust and respect. you as a

Meeting Customers at the Table to Close the Deal

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When you make it to the boardroom, it's your opportunity to shine. Aim to over deliver and under promise. Customers appreciate you being honest and true to what you do. 5 Strategies I will Use to Secure the Deal 1. Focus on needs. People don't care how much you know until

7 Steps to Having Great Karma in Your Life

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The energy of people who always seem happy and enjoy life can be contagious. Have you ever said to yourself "Why is it that these type of people draw a crowd and seem to attract everyone to them like a magnet?" Did you ever stop to think that it's their positive

4 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Real Estate

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Have you thought about buying a house or becoming a real estate investor? Here's the deal... Real estate can be a tricky process for beginning investors as well as first time home buyer's. Not only that, it can be costly. For 25 years I have worked in real estate, helped others

Are You Stuck in a Dead End Career? Here’s How to Free Yourself.

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Let's face it. You will spend half your life working doing something to earn a living. Either you will work for someone building their dreams or you will work for yourself and build your own. If you are going to do it (work that is), you should enjoy it. Even though

3 Tips for New Business Owners

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Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur, but don't no where to start? It's simple.. just start. Yes.. as simple as that! Most small businesses fail within the first 5 yrs according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. The main reasons are due to: 1. A lack of knowledge. 2. A

13 Ways to Drive Traffic & Build Social Influence

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In the business of online marketing, you must be reaching people to convert them to followers, cheerleaders and buyers. The most powerful people online have mastered how to get people to find them, like them, share them and be a part of their tribe. Building influence is the name of the