How to Create a Realistic 5 Year Plan for Your Life Starting Today

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Have you planned out the next five years of your life? Most people don’t plan ahead that far. Most don’t even plan out the next day. Imagine how much you could accomplish over the next five years if you made a reasonable plan and stuck to it. Without a plan your

5 Things I’ve Learned About Personal Growth

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In personal growth, your life is always under new construction. You are seeking bigger, better and striving towards consistency. Your mindset evolves, your perspective changes and your lifestyle improves. You will encounter doubt as well as skeptisism. Regardless, water your seeds and watch them grow. Trust yourself! Challenge yourself! Don't be

5 Things the Government Shutdown Should be Teaching Everyone

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Day 31.. what's next? Can you live without a paycheck? Will you go broke if you did? Most will! According to CNBC, 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and 56% say they are financially over their heads in debt. The key to escaping from being stuck in any situation is

Meeting Customers at the Table to Close the Deal

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When you make it to the boardroom, it's your opportunity to shine. Aim to over deliver and under promise. Customers appreciate you being honest and true to what you do. 5 Strategies I will Use to Secure the Deal 1. Focus on needs. People don't care how much you know until

How to Make Your Goals a Reality in 2019

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Did you achieve all of your goals for 2018? What kept you from doing so? Majority of people find accountability difficult when aiming for goals by themselves. Goals are so much more attainable when you find someone to help you stick to them and with them. "A goal not achieved is

The Business Reality Check from a Pair of Brown Eyes

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People don't seem to realize or understand and I wonder do they really care. Being a business and working in one are two different road trips. No discredit to the direct sales and/or network marketers, but there is no comparison to this reality. Live without fear of tomorrow because what you

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