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5 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Making Money

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Check out podcast for more juicy tips here. If you are a business owner, your goal should be to grow and become profitable as a business owner. There are many ways to become profitable, but if you don't have a strategy or a plan, profitability will be slow and scarce. Be

3 Ways to Get Real Buying Customers

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Has this happened to you? You walk into your favorite store and the salesman comes towards you with a big smile across his face and he says "May I help you find something?" Within two minutes he has talked non-stop and promised you everything, including the stars if you purchase the

How to Drive More Traffic & Sales to Your Social Media Sites

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The main job of your social media platforms is to drive traffic to your blog, website, or other online real estate to learn more about what you do, how you do it and how other's (your target market) can benefit frim what you have. Social media is a designed as traffic-generating

How to Be Successful on Instagram

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Instagram is still the talk of the town even with all it's changes and analytic fluctuations. I highly recommend the platform to all my coaching clients who are seeking to grow an online business. It's a market place within itself. Social media is here. It's not going away. It's not a

How to Get Your Customers to Know, Like, Trust and Respect You

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Being a small business owner can be challenging. Unlike big brands, small brands have to do three times as much to pull in the faithful clients for repeat, consistent business. The core essence of this activity is building an audience of people who know, like, trust and respect. you as a

Meeting Customers at the Table to Close the Deal

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When you make it to the boardroom, it's your opportunity to shine. Aim to over deliver and under promise. Customers appreciate you being honest and true to what you do. 5 Strategies I will Use to Secure the Deal 1. Focus on needs. People don't care how much you know until

How to Make Your Goals a Reality in 2019

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Did you achieve all of your goals for 2018? What kept you from doing so? Majority of people find accountability difficult when aiming for goals by themselves. Goals are so much more attainable when you find someone to help you stick to them and with them. "A goal not achieved is

The Business Reality Check from a Pair of Brown Eyes

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People don't seem to realize or understand and I wonder do they really care. Being a business and working in one are two different road trips. No discredit to the direct sales and/or network marketers, but there is no comparison to this reality. Live without fear of tomorrow because what you

5 Things I’ve Learned About Making Money Online

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Social media has made making money online a career for many. The average person checks their social media profiles four to five times a day. This offers a huge opportunity for the creative entrepreneur and asspiring business owner to profit with potential. Why work a part-time job when you could start

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