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Is it a Religious or a Spiritual Thing?

By nichellewomack|inspiration|

Pray without ceasing.. in Bangkok, Thailand 2019 My granny used to say "some people are so religiously bound, that they are no earthly good." I never knew what she meant until I understood the difference between religion and spirituality. Do you believe in God? Some people do and

5 Things to Know When Hiring a Realtor

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Contracts.. when working with clients at Triad Realty Group, we make certain our clients understand the process and procedure of contracts prior to writing one. Homebuyers can be sued if contracts are not executed as well as Realtors. Even though it is rarely done, it's still best to be mindful

How to Create a Win Win Situation

By nichellewomack|business|

What does winning mean to you? Is it working through something you thought was impossible? Is it losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Is it finding the love of your life? Is it getting that business deal that you've always wanted? Regardless of what winning looks like to you,

How to Turn Conversations into Sales

By nichellewomack|business|

Most people don't realize that conversation is the key to building solid relationships in business and life. "What we dwell on is what we become good at." ~Oprah Winfrey Conversations help build trust, respect, likeability and authority. In business, you don't know what people like until you ask. This is

Preparation Changes the Story

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HAPPY JUNE 2019.. DAY 151 of 365 ?????? Why is this year moving so fast? I'm up earrrrrly on a Saturday morning ?.. BUT I have several coaching calls that I am preparing for. The early bird gets to eat with other early birds. I'm being coached and I'm doing

5 Things the Government Shutdown Should be Teaching Everyone

By nichellewomack|advice, business coach, career, Finances, inspiration, life coach, lifestyle, Money, Motivation, Opportunities, Uncategorized|

Day 31.. what's next? Can you live without a paycheck? Will you go broke if you did? Most will! According to CNBC, 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and 56% say they are financially over their heads in debt. The key to escaping from being stuck in any situation

How to Make Your Goals a Reality in 2019

By nichellewomack|advice, business coach, Business Tips, career, Finances, inspiration, life coach, lifestyle, Money, Motivation, Opportunities, parenting, Things you may be interested in.|

Did you achieve all of your goals for 2018? What kept you from doing so? Majority of people find accountability difficult when aiming for goals by themselves. Goals are so much more attainable when you find someone to help you stick to them and with them. "A goal not achieved

The Business Reality Check from a Pair of Brown Eyes

By nichellewomack|advice, business, business coach, Business Tips, career, inspiration, lifestyle, Motivation, Uncategorized|

People don't seem to realize or understand and I wonder do they really care. Being a business and working in one are two different road trips. No discredit to the direct sales and/or network marketers, but there is no comparison to this reality. Live without fear of tomorrow because what

5 Things I’ve Learned About Making Money Online

By nichellewomack|business, business coach, Business Tips, career, Finances, life coach, Marketing, Money, Opportunities, Uncategorized|

Social media has made making money online a career for many. The average person checks their social media profiles four to five times a day. This offers a huge opportunity for the creative entrepreneur and asspiring business owner to profit with potential. Why work a part-time job when you could

12 Ways to Live on the Creative Side

By nichellewomack|advice, business, business coach, Business Tips, career, inspiration, life coach, lifestyle, Marketing, Motivation, Opportunities, Uncategorized|

 "Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics." Victor Pinchuk Creativity is the fire that runs through your veins and creates energy that burst into individuality. How creative are you? Everyone has a creative side although sometimes it is hidden and does not come to the surface quite

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