As we approach a New Year, people are thinking about what they will do different. My son asked me the other day, what are my new year resolutions. I told him I had none. He looked at me in shock and amazement then asked why. I began to tell him how all my life I’ve watched people, including myself, say I was going to do something and not succeed. When it was me not completing or achieving my resolutions, I felt like a failure. Who wants to feel like they failed doing something they desired to do? As a result, I came up with these 5 tips to help make my new year celebration much more acceptable and exciting.

What you give to 2021, it will give it right back to you. Start off with a positive attitude. Focus on the good that could happen. Be specific in what you desire. Challenge yourself to achieve it.

1. Don’t make resolutions. Most people don’t keep resolutions because it is routine year after year to make them. Instead, set goals. Give each one a deadline and a timeline. Make yourself accountable to be respectful of achieving these goals prior to your expected date to complete.

2. Challenge yourself everyday to complete one small goal a month and one big goal a quarter.

Make the small goal achievable. For example, during quarantine, I picked one space in my house to declutter, organize and rearrange. I was so proud of myself for achieving this and I must say it felt great to accomplish it. A quarterly goal could be paying a bill off or at least lowering its balance. Write down your goals and make them plain and clear.

3. Write or journal your experiences.

I began journaling years ago. It started out as a trial and then grew into part of my manifestation practices. I must tell you that journaling has given me my desired perspective to focus and plan intentionally. I feel more accomplished when I write it down, work on it, plan it and it becomes a reality. Journaling gives you accountability as well. If it’s written down, you can’t say you didn’t say it, think it or dream it. Nor can you blame anyone but yourself. Check out 15 Types of Journals that Will Change Your Life for more tips on journaling success.

4. Incorporate affirmations that motivate you to be your best self.

Words can build you up or break you down. 2020 had people praying who never prayed before. I found myself getting closer to God and speaking words of prayer and affirmation into situations and circumstances. When you are feeling low or lacking confidence, sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader. Affirmations are confirmations that we need to push ourselves to that next level. Once you start repeating them and making them a part of your daily routine, you find yourself being more positive regarding whatever is going on. If you move through 2021 with one powerful affirmation, you will begin to see what you visualize form and become a reality.

5. Reward yourself at the end of the year.

Who doesn’t like rewards? Rewards are motivation in itself. When you accomplish everything you planned and you see the results, it’s worth it to set goals vs depend on lapsed resolutions. Your reward can be whatever you’ve always wanted to do or get. As long as it makes sense and it doesn’t put you back where you grew from, make it happen. I love rewarding myself with the gift of travel. I deserve to treat myself and so do you. Peace and relaxation is affordable.

A new year is a new start. Look ahead. Confirm to reaffirm. Still plan. Still expect. But always remember, everyday is what you make it regardless of what’s going on. Don’t make excuses. Focus on getting results. I proclaim 2021 to be a year of new beginnings, accomplished goals with abundance. Need assistance in your manifestation, contact me for a 1 on 1 introductory call here.

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Until next time, blessings & peace.

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