Winning can be defined as having everything go your way as planned. Have you ever wondered why some people always appear to be winning. Whether it be in a game or life, winning bring with it a lot of competition. Why? Because if you don’t want to win or if you are not prepared to win, why get in the game.

As a life and business coach, I cheer my clients on to achieve success on multiple levels. On one occasion, I had one client say “I’m not interested in winning. I just want to get in the race to say I was a part of the process.” You can ask any coach, none of us like to hear someone doesn’t want to win.

Throughout my time of working in corporate as well as helping others start, market, grow and profit in successful businesses, there are 9 behaviors I’ve witnessed that most winners have.

  1. Winners personalize everything that is uniquely theirs.
  2. Winners show vs tell.
  3. Winners are driven by what they want vs what they fear.
  4. Winners purposely build their network with other successful people.
  5. Winners do work that makes a difference.
  6. Winners love to see other other people win.
  7. Winners are positive even in negative situations.
  8. Winners are team players and trophy takers.
  9. Winners wake up with a plan.

The more I work with and hang out with winners, the more I appreciate a winners drive and determination. Winning is a mindset. Winning is a lifestyle. Winning is intentional. Winners are great friends and colleagues. Winners are keepers. Winners are worthy to have in your corner and in your circle. Winners are champions. You need a winner in your life.

Here’s a video on how to win ethically without apology. Check it here. Be inspired to win.

I pray this message has blessed you to think of yourself as a winner and start winning in and at life.

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