The main job of your social media platforms is to drive traffic to your blog, website, or other online real estate to learn more about what you do, how you do it and how other’s (your target market) can benefit frim what you have.

Social media is a designed as traffic-generating tool that you can use to get more eyes on your content and products. If you know how to use it effectively and efficiently, it can be a wealth of opporrunity and a goldmine of results. Using social media to drive traffic will be a lot easier when you realize how all of the pieces correspond together.

Listed below are 8 key factors that will enable you to stand out and get noticed.

1. Make Your Profile Standout

Your profile should include a great picture of you, links to relevant content and resources, an audience-centered bio, and other information designed to draw your audience into your world in a way that feels good to them. Each social media platform varies in terms of mood and feel. It’s important that you create a profile that both fits the platform and your own business in such a way that your audience automatically knows it’s you without a guess. Here’s an example below. Tell who you are and what you do. Don’t leave real estate blank. This is your opportunity to captivate and relate to your target market.

2. Consistently Engage with and Respond to Your Audience Sooner vs Later

Setting up the profile is simply not enough. You really do need to engage with your audience on a regular and consistent basis. Answer their questions, ask them questions, like their posts, respond to their post, share their information, thank them for sharing yours and more. Stay engaged. Out if sight is out of mind. Remember.. people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Anytime you can engage with them in a positive manner, you should do so.

It’s so important to connect with your tribe. If they comment or share your content, at least recognize their effort.

3. Post Updates and Shareable Content Regularly and Consistently

One way to get your audience interested once you have created the profile is to continually share your content and updates on the platform. Don’t spam! Especially if they have yet to show interest. If the content originates on your blog or other owned social real estate, that is even better than having it start on the social media platform; it will help you get links back to the owned blogs, websites, and landing pages for products.

4. Make Your Content More Visually Appealing

There is nothing worse than over or under doing visual content. The more visual your content on social media, the more likely it is to be shared if it is appealing and shareable. Basically, you must speak to your audience through pictures, conversation, or written language. Videos, memes, and text posts with images attached, always work best to grab their attention. One thing to remember, is that if you post anything with words in it (even if it’s just a meme), you need to put the words in the text area of the post so that the search engines catch it. And also, just as a side note, but an important one, make certain that people with certain disabilities can also see or respond to it.

A picture of you doing something isone hundred percent more effective than one with you doing nothing. It starts with a conversation which then leads to comments and possibly a new follower or new customsr . Check out this video to see how this demolition took place right here ?

5. Be Active When and Where Your Audience Is Active

Another way to get attention is to figure out when and where your audience is actively using the platform. This is when you want to post your content, go live on video, post your poll, engage with your audience and announce your give away or challenges. It may take some testing to figure out when they are there, but once you do, this is going to help explode your results, getting links back to where you need them to be.

6. Host Challenges, Q & As, Polls, Interactive Contests and Other Buzz and NoteWorthy Content

This type of activity will get your audience’s attention because it looks different and will catch their eye and produce a response. It’s important to have a reason for doing any of this. You don’t want activity that has no direction. Know what your call to action is and you will succeed with these traffic-generating methods of polls, Q & As, contests and so forth.

Social media polls are a great way to build customer loyalty for brands. Involving people in decision making strengthens their relationship and creates a consumer community (Muniz and O’Guinn, 2001).

7. Treat Your Competition as a Partner in Business

This may not seem to have much to do with you getting traffic, but it will give you a lot of good information. See what your competitors are doing, and do more of that and do it slightly better. A good relationship with competition can open new doors for business too. If you have a great relationship, your competition will be more willing to send or refer to you when they can’t assist. Keep in mind, there’s enough business for us all.

8. Get Social and Work with Social Influencers

This is a super-fast way to boost your traffic even when you don’t have a lot of followers yourself. Contact several social media influencers, people who are recognized for what they do or say, to do something with you that gets the attention of your audience. Try collaborating for greater reach. Social media is one of the very best traffic-generating tools that exist in today’s competitive market. If you use social media correctly as the tool that it is, you’ll boost your traffic to your products, services, website or blog, and improve your numbers exponentially.

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I hope you found this blog helpful. If you did, tell me which strategy you will begin first. Please leave a comment and don’t forget to share.

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