Being a mother is more than just a title. It’s a commitment that you can’t divorce. It’s a responsibility that you can’t neglect with a good conscious. Motherhood is a blessing from God that comes with sacrifice and discernment.

My Fabulous Mom Life ❤

When I married, I knew one day I would become a mother. I yearned for the day to see the type of mother I desired to be. I made a promise to my children even before I knew who they would be. I asked God to give me the patience, the tenacity, the bond and the love to ne what and who they needed. I’m thankful to not take my role for granted as I’ve been blessed to parent two awesome young men. They both fill my heart with so much joy that no other title or career could surpass. Being a mother has been my most important life choice.

I’ve been blessed with so many mother like figures in my life outside of the one God blessed me with to call mom. My stepmother has been in my life since I was 7. She is my mother. My mother in law has been in my life for 28 years. She is my mother. Not to mention my dear sweet grandmother’s who gave a double dose of motherly love. A mother is more than a title. A mother is Godliness.

A Godly mother stays connected to God for consistent wisdom with a discerning heart and a profound joy to lead her children in His righteousness.

Defining the role of mother is a collective measure of one who loves, sacrifices and endures under any and all circumstances. If you are blessed to have a mother or a mother like figure, consider yourself privileged. A mother is a soul of pureness. A mother is discipline and instruction. A mother is so much and brings much into perspective.

I will always love my momma! They will always be my favorite ladies.

Living or heavenly, celebrate a mother mother as everyday is Mother’s Day and a day to be thankful for.

Love ? & blessings,

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