Have you planned out the next five years of your life? Most people don’t plan ahead that far. Most don’t even plan out the next day. Imagine how much you could accomplish over the next five years if you made a reasonable plan and stuck to it. Without a plan your life is unlikely to change much. You put yourself at the mercy of luck, guessing, wishing and procrastination.

Mindset is everything when planning your goals. You need to focus on you, what’s best for you and what are you purposed to do. The 7 Day Mindset Elevation is the perfect place to start.

Consider these aspects of your life:

  1. Finances. Think about where you want to be financially. Consider income, net worth, debt, savings, and investments. Are there new income streams you want to create? What are your future plans for spending? Do you want to purchase a house? A boat? An investment property? What and how much money do you desire in your life and what do you need to get it? This requires essential planning and an open mind. Check out Ways to Make Additional Income Part-Time. This workbook will accompany your strategy to Break Your Money Blocks.
  2. Health. What are your current health challenges? How much do you want to weigh? What type of diet do you want to follow? How fit do you want to be? Your health is your wealth and it’s essential to your well-being. Great health allows you to be your best self. If you aren’t right, nothing you aim to accomplish will be either.
  3. Career. Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you want to be working? What do you want to be doing? Do you need to go back to school? What is your dream job?
  4. Relationships. Are there any relationships you’d like to create or dissolve? Do you want to have children or more children? This may seem complicated, but in essence, it’s not. Who you surround yourself with has a lot to do with your success and energy. Your network is your networth and your uplevel. If you are seeking relationship advice or inspiration, check out Love Thy Marriage.
  5. Personal Development. Do you want to learn to speak Spanish or to play the piano? Would you like to learn how to dance? What would you like to learn or to become? What skills do you need to acquire to make the most of the next five years? Does this include going back to school or hiring a coach? Whatever it is, make certain it allows and includes the life you expect and choose to enjoy.
  6. Adventure. What would you like to do? Climb a mountain? Go skydiving? See a volcano? What adventures would you like to experience over the next five years? My family and I love to get away and spend time together. Travel is the perfect way to do that. Check us out some of our adventures here.

Write down what you want for each of these six areas of your life. Once you’ve completed that, begin the process of making a plan for the future. It’s not enough to know where you’re going. You must plan your path, too.

These strategies will help you to create a plan and execute it:

  1. Set goals. Create a few goals for each area of your life and set deadlines for each goal. Avoid just having long-term goals. It’s important to have shorter-term goals that lead up to your bigger goals. Need help setting, strategizing and implementing goals? Check out the The Goal Digger Assessment Strategy here.
  • It’s hard to maintain focus on goals that require more than 10 weeks to reach. Break your goals down into smaller chunks.
  1. Write a plan. You know what you want to accomplish. You have goals. Create a detailed plan about what you want to accomplish over 10-week segments of time. Just start at the end and keep working back to the present day. Make beginning simple enough that you could literally start doing something today.
  2. Create habits. Goals are easy to achieve if you can create the right habits. The challenge is figuring out the right habits and then implementing them. With effective habits, success is a cinch.
  • There’s a lot of material available on how to create habits. Educate yourself. It’s an incredibly valuable skill to have.

Need help strategizing and implementing your goals? Check out this video.

Choose a direction for your life by choosing a destination.

Most people fail to plan their lives in any meaningful way. We often keep our focus too short and on the now versus thinking long term and towards the future.

Planning in advance for 5 years is more realistic and easier to visualize.

Hopefully I’ve given you a few things to ponder on as it relates to looking forward. The more prepared you are in advance, the less stress you will encounter when the time approaches.

If you need one on one assistance with starting and implementing your goals, contact me here. Check out the podcast for more tips in life and business here. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, The Start Up CEO Lifestyle TV here and catch a few episodes of life, business, travel, food and fun.

Until next time, blessings and peace.

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