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5 Things to Know Before You Sell Your House

Selling a house can be very stressful. Especially if it’s your first rodeo. Just like buying a house, when selling a house, having a skilled and qualified team on your side is essential.

That team consist of a competent Realtor, a diverse title company and a lawyer in some states. All of these people can aid in you selling your house quickly and making sure things are done right and in order.

When selling a house, it’s important to know and understand the following 6 questions.

A lack of understanding in these areas can be costly to you in the long run.

1.What are houses selling for in your community. This is important because this can either make you money, cause you to lose money or keep you from getting an offer all together. Priced right, you will make money. Priced too low, you won’t make much. Priced too high, nobody will look at it.

2. What is your house worth? The value of your house is a big deal. Knowing its worth has a lot to do with how a Realtor prices it. A good pricing strategy is an apples to apples comparison. Meaning if a house has an updated kitchen and your kitchen isn’t updated, the worth of your house may not be the same.

3. Will I get the return I am seeking on my investment. Smart investors buy with the intention on getting a significant return. In real estate, everything is about location. Location determines value and worth. I typically stress this to my clients prior to buying. It’s better to be ahead than behind. Especially when you are talking about money.

4. What are buyers looking for in your market. Buyers can be picky. Some want updates, others want to do the updating. Some like extra amenties like shopping and entertainment near. Others like seclusion. This information is typically known by an experienced Realtor. If known in advance, you can not only price accordingly, but you won’t overspend with updates doing things buyers could care less about.

5. Is this the right time to sell? Real estate is a shifty business and it all depends on interest rates and the economy. It also depends on what areas are up and coming and have the greatest return. Knowing your area as well as what’s going on, can literally determine the probability of you maximizing your sales strategy.

As a licensed real estate agent, I provide my clients with this information and most agent’s should. It’s so important to be honest with your realtor so that he/she can assist you to the fullest and make the transaction run smoothly.

I hope these 6 tips have given you insight to selling a home. If you found it valuable, please comment below and feel free to share this blog to a potential home seller.

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Blessings & peace until next time,

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