I love helping people find a place to call home. I also enjoy looking at how people live and how they decorate. So it was only fitting for me  to become a real estate agent.

Besides marriage, buying a home is noted as being just as stressful. It’s so important that during the process, you remain confident and open minded as things can become overwhelming really fast. A good support system, a skilled licensed real estate agent and a competent mortgage broker are recommended.

I’ve been selling real estate for 27 years. I’ve seen the ups, downs and the come arounds. I’ve worked with the rich, the poor, the borderline and the middle of the line. No matter what influence, all share some of the same traits.

Buying a house is a personal thing. For some it’s a life long dream. For others it’s a status symbol. But for all, having a place to stay and call home is a necessity. Home is where the heart is and it’s where memories are created and shared.

Over the years, I’ve seen the following people kill more dreams and influence potential homebuyers in many ways. Some so bad that the person decided against ever buying a home. Before you buy your first home or another, let’s discuss these type of people.

1. Someone who has never owned a home. This person will have all kinds of advice and for the most part, it ain’t right. I’m one of those people that if you’ve never done something, how can you teach me how to do it. This non homeowner will have you second guessing your decision and possibly having you fearful of taking that next step. A non homeowner will tell you owning a home ain’t all that. Ummmm yooooohooo.. have you ever gotten a tax deduction from renting? Ok.. next!

2. A broke person. Now these people are the absolute worst. A broke person has a broke mindset and they too love to give advice. This advice seems logical to them because it probably didn’t work for them. A broke person will tell you can’t afford it and your taste is too expensive. Do they know how much you make? Now I will be the first to tell my clients, don’t be house rich and poor. But also believe in if you are buying the house, make certain it’s something you will like and want to live in for years to come. Besides, a lender will preapprove you prior to looking if you are seeking a mortgage. Therefore you will know in advance what you can and can not afford. So tell the broke person to stay in their place.

Last, BUT not least..

3. Negative Nancy and Terrible Tom. These two people are a match made in heaven. Nothing positive comes out of their mouth while house hunting. Everything you like, they dislike. From the neighborhood, to the stop sign. Everything ain’t right for them. You like hardwood floors, they like carpet. You like a yard, they prefer no yard. You like a full bath, they say “you don’t need all that.” Bottom line.. leave them at home! Who’s buying the house and who’s paying the mortgage? That’s all that matters. Negative Nancy and Terrible Tom don’t deserve to be in your circle at this time.

I’ve personally found when clients take a positive, informative person when house hunting, especially if they are first time homebuyers, they are more inclined to find a house they love sooner vs later.

Is homeownership right for you? I answer that question plus give you a few tips about the process here.

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I hope these tips have shed some light on why it’s important to have the right people around you when buying a house or any big investment or commitment.

Buying a house should be exciting with memories to cherish forever. Click here to learn more homebuying tips.

Until next time, peace, blessings and happy house hunting,

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