Without freedom of thought, there is no such thing as wisdom.

I think a lot. Sometimes too much. But in my thoughts, I find that sometimes there is no answer. I believe every problem has a solution. But in order to arrive at a solution, you must first acknowledge there id a problem.

Here are some random thoughts that often cross my mind that make me say ummm… Some are life experiences and others are an observance of what I see or have seen.

So here we go..

1. People dont value anything unless it cost them something. If it’s free they want it, misuse it and will quickly give it away. In essence, value holds a lot of weight. If people don’t deem it valuable or worthy, they more than likely won’t appreciate it as you would. The message.. be careful what you give if you don’t want it mistreated, used and abused. This includes your time, your space and things that you value.

2. A person’s action speaks when their words say nothing. Actions are what you do. Words are what you say. In summary, people talk a lot, but rarely do. Your word is bond. Know that it’s the only thing that separates it from a lie and the truth.

3. People are quick to say, ” I love you“, but their response is “only so much.” The word love is used so loose. Do people actually understand that love is a verb and it requires action? Love is more than a feeling. It’s the result of someone giving that love unconditionally with no stipulations or cost. Not only is love felt, it is shown as well. And in essence, it is seen. Love is what we do and how much we appreciate what we have.

4. Blood is thicker than water, yet water dilutes blood. Meaning.. just because you are related to someone means nothing. Sometimes people you don’t know can be more like family and friends can be an extention as well. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Understand that we don’t choose our family, but we can choose our friends. Treat people like

5. Being brown in America is difficult. We suffer discrimination from every side, including our own. The separation in society is embedded in everyday living. On job applications we are separated by asking to identify who we are. Medically we are separated by who gets healthcare and who doesn’t. Even in the neighborhood we are separated by amenities, schools and systems. When you get right down to it, we all want the same. Happiness, opportunity, peace, love and equality. Why is that so hard? Why do we have to fight to have a voice to be treated with dignity and respect. Why can’t we all see each other as a person versus a color? Bottomline.. somebody was color blind because none of us represent the color we are. The common link is we all bleed the same and that’s the same color.

Have my random thoughts made you think? As I mentioned, I sometimes think too much and honestly, I expect answers. Thoughts are free and it doesn’t cost a fortune to to expect something different.

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We are all entitiled to live a full life of justice and liberty for all.

Until next time, blessings, peace and great living,

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