If you are in business for yourself, marketing is a strategy that you will have to confront and it’s not as easy as you may think.

Marketing requires you to be consistent. This is where many small businesses fail to comply and eventually fail at marketing.

When I started my business 27 years ago, people gave me all kinds of tips and advice. Some I used and the others were learning points.

I also used what I learned when earning my bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business.

Side note.. just because you have a degree in it does not mean you are an expert at it.

Boy.. did I quickly learn that.

Listed below I describe the 5 Marketing Tips that Did Not Work for Me and people swore they would.

1. Waiting for customers to come to me instead of seeking them out. As a business consultant, I’ve seen many new biz owners think if they build it, they will come. Noooooo… it doesn’t work that way. If they do come, they are more than likely not the customers you need to build a sustainable business. For the most part, you have to go find your target market. In doing so, you must have a strategy in place and know who your customer is. Believe this… They are looking for you too. But they won’t find you chasing after people who are just curious or nosey and could care less about what you do.

2. Targeting everybody and anyone with no strategy. Most new business owners start with literally no formal business training or education. They just jump out of the gate and literally throw up their business on every person they come in contact with. They also harass family members and friends so much that they become distant. Targeting everyone is targeting no one. Every business has a target market of people specifically interested in what they do. It’s up to you to find them or hire someone to help you seek them out.

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

3. Not asking customers for anything. Why not? Ask your customers to share, like, comment and tell others about you. Check out my blog Know, Like, Trust and Respect and see what I mean by that. If your customers refer you, people who are connected with them will be intrigued. They will also be interested in who you are. This can literally transform your business trifold. Referral marketing is huge and many people sleep on how it can be beneficial to them and their business.

4. Watching vs doing.. I agree you can learn a lot from watching others. However, watching does not equal execution. In the beginning I watched so much that I began to lose focus on my goals. It wasn’t until I started doing what I watched that things began to work. Yep.. I failed! But that is when I reached out and got some help by hiring someone to teach me.

5. Faking it until I make it vs making it so I didn’t have to fake it. I’ve never been about that “fake” life so I’ve always skipped over this tip. It’s literally hard to pick through what’s real and what’s not. Social media gives us one look, but in reality, you don’t know who is faking it or if it’s real. I just choose to keep it ? as my kids say. I have my struggles and failures, but I’m going to always be true to me. Besides.. lies (faking) has a way of catching up with you somehow.

When learning how to market a business, know that everything does not work for every business. You will need to find what works for you based upon what has not worked.

This can be expensive or a complete waste of time if you are not willing to invest in you and your business.

Market right from day one and consistently learn how to get better at it daily.

Learn more about what I do to help you start, market, grow and profit in your business at The Start Up CEO.

I hope these tips have given you a reason to take your business seriously even if no one else does. What you do today can set you up for major success later on.

What have you struggled with in marketing your business? Comment below and let me know.

Until next time, blessings and much success.


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