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15 Types of Life Changing Journals

Journaling is not new. In fact, it dates back to nearly 2000 years ago. I love journaling because it gives me a sense peace, direction and purpose.

People journal for many different reasons. Most find it a great way to keep track of memorable things, others find it a peaceful way to document what happens that may need attention throughout your life.

When you begin journaling, it will probably occur to you that having more than one type of journal might be best for organizing your many thoughts and occurrences. When you have more than one type of journal, you can simply go to the specific journal to work on one issue at a time or keep something organized so you can make better decisions throughout the journaling process.

Listed below are 15 Types of Journals that you can use to help improve your life, create memories and become more accountable in achieving your life desires.

1. Financial Journal – Too many people end up in debt because they don’t know how to use money and allow it to work for them. This journal will keep you accountable financially. You will be able to track your money and chart growth and financial gain. You will have documented proof of a budget and set financial goals for economic and financial prosperity. I have found The Clever Fox Budget Journal to be helpful in keeping me on track with my money goals.

Write it and make it plain and clear.

2. Bullet Journals – It’s so easy to lose track of daily task. This type of journal is useful for anyone who has lots of to-do lists, loves using a pen and paper, and who enjoys goal tracking. Your journal should have a table of contents that you create as you add to the journal so you can find things. You’ll use symbols, colors, and lines to make your bullet journal. You should be able to understand at a glance what’s on the page.

3. Food Journal – This type of journal can be very helpful if you are eating healthy, on a diet or need to track what you eat for medical reasons. It’s good to write own everything you eat every day. Some people like to include the calorie contents and so forth. It can also help to write down why you eat it, how you felt about eating it, and things like that.

4. Classic Journal – Growing up I remember having a little book that I wrote all my private thoughts. The classic journal is just like the diary that you maybe kept as a child. This is simply a diary and you can write whatever you want in it every day. It can be long, short, or you can skip days if you want to. You write whatever you want in it daily.

Journal writing is a voyage into your inner soul.

5 .Vision Journals – If your goals don’t scare you, then they probably are not big enough. You may have heard of vision boards and this is essentially it, except it’s a journal that helps lead you to your vision. The way it works is that you set up the journal to have only one goal per page. Then you can write words, add pictures, or draw something that enables you to make plans to reach that goal. When you do reach the goal, be sure to go back and add the date of achievement.

6. Line a Day Journals – Basically this journal is what it’s called – you write down only one line a day. You will simply write in the journal a short line about what you did that day. It should be only a sentence or two at the most, and should not take up that much space in your journal. Some people like using a calendar and a pen for this.

7. Dream Journal – Dreams mean something. Some people like tracking their dreams because they believe that dreams provide signs in their life. If you want to track your dreams, you have to train yourself to write in your dream journal every morning while you still remember the dream. Write about the dream and then research what it means and write about that too.

Dream it, make it happen.

8. Prayer Journal – Prayer is essential for daily growth and development. This is a journal that essentially acts like your diary or journal but it is sharing your thoughts with a higher power. Write God your prayers instead of saying them. Write them down so you remember them and can look back on them when they come to pass. The 52 Week Scripture, Devotional and Guided Prayer Journal changed my life. It gave me focus and direction when I was confused and weary.

9. Travel Journal – Traveling to different places can be exciting. A wonderful way to remember your travels is to keep a travel journal. Some people like making one for each trip so that it’s easier to remember. You can write your thoughts in your journal, but you can also attach tickets, pics, and memories. This is a great way to track where you have been to share with family and friends. I turned my travel journey into a vlog. Check out my family vacation to San Juan Puerto Rico.

10. Project Journal – This is a handy journal to keep, especially for anyone who regularly works on projects. Keeping a journal of each project you work on that requires action to taken in order to get results, and data, will help you improve every project but will also help you look back on this one with excitement.

11. Gratitude Journal – We all have something to be grateful for. This is just what it sounds like. It’s a journal where you record each day what you’re thankful for and grateful for. Nothing can be negative in this journal because it’s designed to help you think more positively. The Gratitude Journal for Women is an great way to find peace and happiness in just 5 minutes a day by journaling.

Be thankful for everything and in everything, be thankful.

12. Business Journal – This journal helps you stay focused on goals associated with starting, marketing, growing and profiting in a business. You can keep track of where you started, types of products or services you have or would like to add, how you want your business to grow and track your finances from beginning to end. Check out the The Business Companion Planner. It;s a great resource to help you get started with that business opportunity.

13. Relationship Journal – Did you and your significant other meet in a special way? Are you still searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right.. do they really exist? Anyway.. this type of journal can be used to remember those special moments or to categorize what you desire in a mate in a relationship. The Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People will bring you and your spouse closer together by asking questions to get know each other better and create daily communication. Check out Love Thy Marriage for more relationship tips.

14. Blogging Journal – This is a more social (public) type of way to share your thoughts, hopes and wishes publically. Blogging has become popular over the years and is a great way for others to learn more about you and what you do. Many use blogging to brand themselves and to show their expertise. Thanks for reading my blog.

15. Vlogging Journal – This is a new way to journal or document your life. I personally have started several vlogs to share a picture or capture video with my activity or thoughts. This is also a great way to keep track of wonderful memories via video.

Journals are great tools with written, video or audio documentation to keep one organized as well as to store memories for memoirs for family to keepsake. If you want to journal to help work through a problem, keeping specific journals for different things is an effective way to go about it. It’s also a great way to store your thoughts and memories for the future in a more organized and useful manner.

Are you new to journaling? How has journaling changed your life. Comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts about journaling.

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Blessings and peace until next time,

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43 Replies to “15 Types of Life Changing Journals”

  • I recently started journaling in the mornings. It’s based on the tasks in the book The Artist’s Way. You are supposed to write three pages, anything that comes to mind. So I guess it’s somewhat similar to the classic journal in a way.

  • I would love to implement the prayer journal! I feel so good when I talk to God, so this is the kind of journal for me.

    • Yes oh yes.. when I tell you that journal changed my life, it did. I have true focus in how to pray and get my prayers answered.

  • My food journal has absolutely changed my life. I’ve had a lot of difficulty getting back into shape after my kids, especially with prolonged periods of bedrest. It’s amazing how much more we actually eat versus what we think we’re eating.

    • Wow! Congrats. When you document your journey with journaling, you realize things changing vs staying the same.

  • This is what I hoard notebooks and journals for! I like writing different things in different notebooks. my personal fave are my gratitude and vision journals. also, i’m in the process of putting together my first travel journal so looking forward to that… Journaling has been life changing for me and it helps me sort out the mush in my head. thanks for this post!

    • Sounds like you are very organized. I agree that journaling allows you to mind dump. Good luck with the travel journal.

  • My pick would be finance journal! i started almost 8 years ago and know everything about investments and have grown my money almost 30% each year. I managed to save almost 70% in some months by planning.

  • Oh nooooo… anything but a newbie LOL! I’ve been journaling since I was 8, I think? I used to do the old-fashioned “traditional” journal/diary, and have done many others that you mention too over the years – at the moment, I am queen of BuJo 🙂

  • Not a newbie but starting to get a bit more consistent. I currently have a general/gratitude journal just to kinda recap and get a reign on my mental. I’m working on a food journal because I’m trying to eat better. But I love the idea of journaling. And it’s nice to look back on and see how much you’ve progressed. And if not then it provides a great dose of reality haha

    • Yes.. journaling help you become accountable to self and allows you to reach your goals. The one I mention in the blog is so cool. It has kept me on task.

  • I use the dream/vision journals as one to write down my goals of course. But I’ve never thought about a relationship journal. I think that would be good for me to log my feelings, to let go of past hurts and log my new love life!

  • I would love to do the gratitude journal. I’ve been in a little slump lately and that would help me out tremendously. I recently started the Keto diet and I wouldn’t be able to do without my food journal!

  • I absolutely love Journaling. I don’t think I’d be able to function without it! My journals and planner give me life and keep me ob task! If I don’t write it it’s not real!

  • I’m a huge journal type of person! I absolutely loved this and now going to start a dream and vision journal!

  • I started gratitude journaling earlier this year. It was suggested by one of my co-workers during a particularly difficult period in the workplace. It has been life-changing. It really helps me focus on the positive instead of the negative…and not in a Pollyanna type of way but in really putting things in perspective.

  • Journaling is my life! It’s brought me a lot of peace and joy. I’ve used it to release pain on paper. Love how you described the different types. I love this post!

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