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Tune Up Your Life and Get Results

Let’s be honest, are you better off today than you were this time last year. Are you growing or are you coasting through?

The summer time is the best time to get back on track or redirect your life. The days are longer and the weather is constant (hot) in most instances. It’s mid year and whatever you didn’t accomplish in the first 6 months, you have 6 more months to refocus, redo or recreate what you invisioned for your yearly goal expectations.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

1. Eat lighter, heathier and don’t forget to exercise. If you were trying to fit in that swimsuit, it’s not too late. A healthier eating cycle can put you in gear for living . I don’t know about you, but in the summer my appetite kind of suppresses which itself which is a good thing for me. As a border line diabetic, I was advised to eat 6 small meals a day. For me this includes a variety of fruit, different salads and protein or two like chicken or beans. I also juice in between meals to keep my veggie intake strong. This is one of my favorite juicing recipes here. In conjunction with eating healthy, exercise is the next best weapon for a healthy life. No matter what, move your body somehow daily. The experts recommend at least 30 min a day. I personally dislike exercising, so I make it a mission to team up with my kids or husband to motivate me to get off my tail.

2. Travel to new and unknown places. No matter if it’s a staycation or a vacation or a tour of a neighboring state, get out of your own state and see something different. There are so many places in these 50 states that you can learn from and experience. My family and I took a leap this year and ventured out of the country. Not only was it a new experience, it helped break the monotony of our daily life. We met new people and experienced new cultures. Check out me here jumping out of my comfort zone. Pretty cool huh. Never in my life did I dream of doing this. But, you only live once unless you get eaten by life.

3. ReClarify your focus. All too often, we are just wandering nowhere with no purpose. I’ve been here so many times. To excuse myself, I find something or someone to blame. This is a losing situation. Nothing ever matriculates out of blame. That’s why mid year is a great time to reevaluate your goals and access your progress. This video below will give you specific concepts with goal setting and achieving. Comment below with yout thoughts.

4. Get your money right. I am a victim of spending money on things I don’t need or have too much of. I don’t think I can ever get enough of learning how to use my money better and wiser. There are so many tools, resources and apps to help you keep your finances in check. Digit has forced me to save money. It automatically saves my money by taking a small percentage of my daily spending and socking it away. When asked what is your networth, many can’t begin to tell you. But they can tell you who they owe, maybe. Financial health is just as important as physical health as both can cause stress which we know to be precursor for illness. Mid year is the perfect time to check your networth and financial status. How much are you spending, saving and investing for the future? Do you have money set aside for a rainy day? Have you earned more this year than you did last year? If not, why not? If you find yourself short on achieving your financial goals, check out this workbook and audio here. Not only will you regain your focus, but your focus will be clear and hopefully put more money in your pocket.

The Break Your Money Blocks Course

What are money blocks? Money blocks are barriers that keep you from becoming debt-free, earning more money and having a negative connotation about how money can bless you. Repeat after me.. “money flows into my life effortlessly.” Believe you are worthy of that raise. You deserve it! Don’t you?

If your money ain’t right, your life ain’t gone be right either.

5. Volunteer with your favorite charity or organization. There is nothing like the feeling of giving back to those less fortunate than you. I always remind myself just because today the sun is shining, tomorrow can sure enough be a storm. You can be having a horrible day, but to see someone else’s life brighten up because of your efforts can change your perspective on a lot of things. There is never a shortage of people needing help and someone can always use yours.

There is so much joy in living a life full of everything being right. Does that life really exist? It depends! The more you plan and the more you prepare, the greater the chance of it being so.

What are your thoughts? Comment below and let me know your mid year check up status.

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Until next time, blessings and peace,

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20 Replies to “Tune Up Your Life and Get Results”

  • I love to travel! We are on a three-week vacation right now going to a bunch of different cities in Florida. We were supposed to head back to Texas tomorrow but the hurricane changed those plans. Typically, I eat a fairly healthy diet, but I have been slacking while on vacation. I also want to get the workbook you mentioned so I will be looking at my local library next time I am there!

    • Yes.. travel is my way of exploring my peace. My family and I love Florida and visit once a year. Slacking on vacation is permitted 😁 The workbook is a book I wrote and is only available on my site. Enjoy your travels. Have fun and be safe.

  • As a mom of two young children, I feel like I’m coasting through life at the moment but I’m sure it’s not as bleak as it sounds. Our family has traveled more this year than any other (I love travel!) and I’ve always been good with money. However, I could clean up my diet and drink more water for sure.

    • I was that mom of two young children. Now they are young adults and we still love traveling together as it has always been our family escape. It’s great that you’ve been good with money. I think we all need to drink more water for sure.

  • I find charity work very helpful to me. If I happen to feel improper, tired, not rewarded I try to give myself as much charity time as I can. Makes me feel a good person and that is what I need

  • A midyear checkup – what a great idea! I don’t do this per se, but I usually do two check-ins of sorts – one late spring (before my kids are out of school, as I try to figure out a realistic way to combine work and parenthood over the summer), and another early fall (once they’re back to school and my days free up again for a bit!).

  • These are some great tips! My favorite has to be the travel one. I use traveling as a way to explore new places but also relax my mind and get away from everyday life sometimes!

  • I am actually a teacher on summer break and this summer has definitely afforded lots of time to rest, achieve new goals, and plan for the future. Great post!

  • I had my second baby earlier this year so it has been a busy start to the year. Now that we are settling into a new routine I am finding more time to get some of the things that are on my to do list done so hopefully I can achieve some of my goals in the second half of the year!

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