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Be Your Best Competition and Win

From the early stages of life, we are driven to compete with each other. Whether in the workplace, in life, in school or in the game of sports, competition is the culture.

Winning is considered right, no matter if losing teaches you a lesson. Every loss should be a teachable moment just like the win.

We strive to win because it puts you in a position of leverage. A right to brag and the right to take title. And losing, well no one remembers the loser. Even the loser wants to forget they loss.

If you are not a competitive person, you are considered weak or not aggressive enough to make things happen and this is often frowned upon.

The truth is competition can be overwhelming. It can also make you feel unworthy if you are not necessarily a competitive person. Don’t say that too loud! In fact, don’t say it at all. How you think of competition can be a game changer.

Consider this..

When you think of competition, try thinking of what can you do to be better at what you do. Try seeking what’s needed to help you get there. Focus on what you want and how it will change your life if it’s achieved.

Competition.. make it personal and all about you.

I learned how to be a better me when I made it personal. I became my greatest competition versus the competitors of others. After all, you are your greatest asset.

I began to stop comparing myself and the game changed. I started counting my personal wins and each win opened the door for another new opportunity.

3 Reasons Why SELF Competition is Good

1. It keeps you abreast and accountable of your own personal goals. You set them. You meet them. You exceed them. And you keep growing. Need help setting goals? Check out this guide.

2. It gives you something bigger and better to strive for daily. Your self competition will chime into where you started and your progress towards each level. Create markers and chart it regularly.

3.YOU set your own limits and expectations vs someone or something else giving them to you. This allows you to do what truly makes you happy in life. You are not tied to living a life your parents dreamed of or living through what society deems as successful.

In business and life, understand you are the CEO of you an every decision you make is based on what YOU do next. Make the decision to not compete with others, but compete with yourself and watch your level of growth surge everyday. This sums it up here.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear what you think.

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33 Replies to “Be Your Best Competition and Win”

  • You better preach! It’s so easy to compare ourself to someone else highlight. I’m still working on this and understanding that we all have different journeys. Comparing does nothing but put one in a funk

    • Yes.. competition will always be fun. But when it’s self driven, you realize and accomplish your own goals. Thanks for reading.

  • “I learned how to be a better me when I made it personal. I became my greatest competition versus the competitors of others”

    This line spoke to me the most. I think the last few years, I had to realize that absolutely no one cares if you dont accomplish your goals or dont do what you say you are going to do. Once I started doing things for me, the more joy I found in life. This was a beautiful post.

    • Thanks so much for reading. Yes.. competing with self will reduce jealousy, hatred and other ill thoughts people waste on others. When we starting working in our own gifts, we are free to be free.

  • This is pure Gold!!! You’re such a motivational speaker and a true inspiration. I always challenge myself and push myself to do more, it is not easy but there is no other option.

    • Thank you for those kind words. I am humbled. Keep challenging yourself to be your greater self. You owe that to yourself.

  • That is what I’m struggling with. It is not easy as saying, for real. But I do feel encouraged lately. Your post is so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • You are not the only one who has struggled with this. So let that comfort you. Realizing and admitting is half the battle. I’m glad you are feeling encouraged. Stay encouraged and know that you are worthy of being your best self on purpose without anyone’s permission. Keep making great strides towards your happiness.

  • Amen! I needed to read this! We get so caught up in comparing ourselves to others when we should focus on creating our own best version! I got so much out of this post!

  • It’s so important to not compare yourself with others. We are all unique, and no one has the same story you do. I realized this recently as well, and it’s changed a lot of my outlook on so many aspects of my life.

  • Everyone has a different journey so it’s a waste of time to be in competition with others. Yes I am slowly trying to be my biggest competitor. I want to see a better me.

  • I hate it when people are overly competitive. It can really damage friendships. Self-competition is a much healthier approach.

    • Yes.. it truly can damage a lot of relationships. However, if it does damage relationships, you know those were not meant to be in your life anyway. Real friends should want you to get better.

  • I used to compare myself with others and it wasn’t the right thing. Now, I’m more a challenging person and love to compete because It makes more interesting to grow better and learn more.

    • Yes.. I agree! Competition allows you to uplevel your strengths. When you compete with self, it’s less comparing and feeling guilty.

    • Being competitive is a natural trait. And I agree that it gives great energy when I know I’m getting better in the process of the competition.

  • I totally believe in the statement that the comeback is always greater than the setback. I’m very competitive myself and I’ve learned so much along the way.

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