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Is it a Religious or a Spiritual Thing?

Pray without ceasing.. in Bangkok, Thailand 2019

My granny used to say “some people are so religiously bound, that they are no earthly good.” I never knew what she meant until I understood the difference between religion and spirituality.

Do you believe in God? Some people do and many people do not. Does that make them a bad person? Well it depends on who you ask. I personally don’t know where I would be if God were not in my life and on my side. I can truly testify how many times He pulled me out of a hole. And for that, I thank Him daily.

I’ve never been religious, but I breathe and thrive in a spiritual realm. I’ve always wondered why there is so much anger and hostility in religion when we are all God’s children no matter what religion or spirituality we have. I find religion to divide when the God I know brings people together.

In my spiritual being, I have a greater, loving connection with the most high. My spirituality gives me confidence to know that I serve a God who sits high and looks low. Who forgives me when I can’t find a way to forgive myself. My God dwells in my every being and He guides me along the way.

This.. my spirituality gives me confidence and authority because it is the creator who breathed it into me and stamped me validated and approved when I was born. Therefore, I seek not to be confirmed by a person. With this mindset, I am not superior to God, but groomed in his image and his likeness. He gives me the capability and the permission to live as he would, in abundance and joy. For that, I’m greatful and thankful.

So just for a moment, imagine that there was no God! Imagine that we are just here on this universe with no greater source other than ourselves. That we come into being and pass away and the rest of the human race after us carries our memories and in some cases, our genes. We suffer in sorrow and we have no one to run to in order to share our concerns and worry. Would that be such a bad thing? Would we cease to have meaning in our daily lives? Would we cease to love one another any less? Would we cease to struggle and have hardships? Would we even cease to care what happens to us and others?

What if we just start to live moment by moment and understand that our actions, our words, our deeds are of our own making and therefore our responsibility.

As a result, it’s been said by many great philosophers and thought leaders, what will your “dash” say. What will you be remembered for? Will a legacy carry your name, your beliefs, your donation and your mission? It’s so important to not just live, but to live with a purpose and intention. Be remembered for what you do here on this earth. How many lives will you impact? The reward is your life and the world you create, the memories and positive change in your life. Don’t wait for the next life, season or even wait until you get to heaven. Create it here, now. While you still have breath in your body and while you still have the opportunity. Tomorrow may just be too late.

Look at the world around you. What’s missing? What can you add? There are many things that are wrong and need to change as the world seems to become more corrupt each day. Stop blaming God for the world’s problems. Be God’s solution.

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3

Some will just complain, and nothing will change or nothing different will happen. Don’t expect divine intervention and keep waiting on God. Perhaps He is waiting on you. Recognize your power within. We are the ones who inhabit this planet and it is our responsibility to preserve what’s around us. Believe in yourself and the Godly power you have within to create the change you want to see in the world around you. Every little step matters. Start small, change happens person by person and situation by situation.

Be the revolution. Begin believing that God lives inside you. Believe that God gave you the power to be what He needs in this world to make an impact. Believe that and imagine that perfect part of yourself in other people. With God, all things are possible, even you because you were created in his image.

“Greater is He that is in you than he that is in this world.” 1 John 4:4

While on our vacation in Thailand, my family and I got the opportunity to experience spirituality on a whole new and different level. We were incredibly enlightened to understand the buddhist faith. We got a chance to see some of the temples etched in gold as well as participate in a religious ceremony. This was life changing for sure.

I must tell you I have never seen so many beautiful buildings and architecture in my life. I was quite impressed. Growing up Christian, this was totally out of my comfort zone, but I was willing to participate with an open mind. In learning about buddhism and how the Thai people live, I learned their beliefs are similar to Christian beliefs except Christian’s worship God and Buddhist worship Big Budda. In my spiritual realm, I understand that God has many names. No matter what you call him, he loves us all the same. This experience was an eye opener for sure. The people of Thailand were welcoming, warm and super kind, I so enjoyed my time in their space.

The older I’ve gotten, I’ve learned that religion ignites fear and misunderstanding while spirituality ignites a connection and confidence. Most are so set in their way and their belief that they dispell the way others celebrate the love of God.

I so appreciate my faith and my relationship with God. I don’t claim a religion, I claim a God who knows His people by how they know him. I don’t need a specific day or hour to celebrate what God means to me. It’s a daily ritual to give praise and thanks no matter where I am or what I’m doing. God is great all the time.

Let me know what your thoughts are. Are you spiritual, religious or none of the above? What has God done for you lately? I would love to hear your persepective.

Until next time, be blessed and highly favored,

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23 Replies to “Is it a Religious or a Spiritual Thing?”

  • I love the quotes that you inserted as well as the scripture! I feel like not many bloggers actually use scriptures in their blog posts. I especially love what you said about self control!

  • I absolutely believe there is a God. I don’t believe anything we have here would be created with that one. My concern is how people have use God to Champion their causes or as a way to oppress other people. So many people are so consumed with the practices of religion but are not in tune with the spirituality of God.

    • You hit the nail on the head. Using God as a prop for human agenda is not appealing when it comes to speaking about a relationship with God. Oppressing others with God’s word has caused many to stray from his word and using Him to support personal causes is a condemnation of God’s goodness. Thanks for your meaningful and honest feedback.

  • I consider myself a practicing Christian, married to a man who considers himself and (if there were such a thing) would be a card-carrying atheist (though he’s really more of an agnostic, secular humanist). I totally agree with you – there are religions with tenets, some people follow them, some people not so much, but basic human kindness/compassion and a belief in larger connections that transcend differences is what ties us together as a species, and is (or should be) something that we can all agree on, in spite or religious faith or lack thereof.

    • Yes.. I love that about the people of Thailand as I too love peace. 2nd grade.. wow! Great friends are awesome.

  • I would have to say I run the middle ground. I believe there is a God, but I am not overly religious. I didn’t grow up going to church, but I believe we move on somewhere after this life. It’s a bit complicated to explain. At the same time, I don’t judge others on their religion. I have some friends who don’t believe in anything and others who work for/in the church.

  • I super love the parallels you drew between spirituality and religion and i can’t agree more. There is a difference and it is not the same.

  • I grew up in a Christian cult so I struggle massively with the idea of god and spirituality. I personally don’t believe in a god now as an adult and feel like we direct our actions but like to blame things on a bigger thing. There’s more to it but it’s hard for me to word most times.

  • I learn so much about myself and my beliefs by traveling and experiencing other cultures and traditions. I believe truth is universal and overcomes religious differences.

  • Your travel video is so beautiful I love it. Also, the different between religions and cultures is truly amazing. I was growing up with my mom’s family side strongly believing in Budda, my dad’s side is all about God. So I ended up believing in myself a lot more, not in any religions. I still believe in God and Budda but not waiting for either God or Budda.

    • Thank you so much. We had a great time connecting with others and learning new things. Religion can be so confusing. Especially when you are taught one thing as a kid and then learn something new as an adult.

  • Yup, so true.. Religions divides the people when the truth is we all have one God and we are all his children..

    • So AWESOME! I feel blessed the same way. Congrats on your son’s. I love being a boys mom. Something exciting always.

  • I’m a very spiritual person. I have no idea who the actual creator may be, but there is someone that did all of this!

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