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5 Things You Need to Know Before You Take a Cruise

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you are missing out on a lot.

My family and I have been on 12 cruises and there was something special about each one. The most recent of our travels is the Alaska cruise. Five destinations and so much fun in seven days.

We’ve been on several five and seven day cruises and each one gave us an opportunity to experience a different way of living.

5 things that are worth knowing about cruising..

1. Know where you would like to go and when. The reason why this is so important is because where and when determines how much you pay for your cruise. There are different rates during different seasons and destinations. Book as soon as you have clarity and confirmation.

2. Make certain to choose a cruise package that fits your lifestyle and what you like to do. There’s numerous packages offered by a variety of cruise lines at different times and depending on the special.

The most common is the all- inclusive drink package. This includes alcohol and soda. Tap water, juice and coffee are complimentary. If you like to drink, this will suit you just fine and save you some money because this can be costly.

The specialty dining package is for those who want a private dining experience with great food. Truth be told, the food in the complimentary dining area is excellent too. But it was worth it just to taste 5 Star rated food.

The excursion package is great if you are adventurous and want to enjoy the ports best activities. To me the deal is cool, but when traveling with 4, it isn’t worth it for us to do.

Wifi can be very expensive. The Wifi package is popular if you don’t want to be disconnected with the outside world. Me personally, I liked not being attached to my phone as I am when I’m at home. But traveling with young adults, they go crazy without it.

3. Budget accordingly because you will be hit with a service charge per day and per person at the end of your cruise. The cruise staff works hard to exceed your expectations and make your stay one of a kind. The service charge is considered a tip for a job well done for making your vacation worth while. Every cruise I’ve been on, from the room attendent to the dining staff, I’ve enjoyed the service bar none. You get to know them and they get to kow you. Nevertheless, they deserve the service charge and I was more than willing to pay it.

4. Be certain to read the daily itinarary for all the on ship and off ship activities. Each day, whether at sea or at a port, there’s something to do. While at sea, we typically take advantage of the work out classes, the games, the informationals and the shows. The shows are spectacular and if it’s popular, it can fill up the auditorium fast. Try to catch as many as you can. We’ve been fortunate to see many. This past cruise, Michael Jackson was in the building. Oh yeah…

5. Get ready to meet people from all over the world. If you are an introvert, here’s a great way to get uncomfortable. I love meeting new people as cruising gives you the opportunity to network with many cultures. I so enjoy hearing where people are from and what they do for a living.

Overall, crusing has become a way of life for us for many reasons. The main reason is I can have accomodations and food all included while visiting amazing places. I have two growing boys who like to eat constantly. A cruise gives me all my monies worth.

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Our final thoughts of this awesome cruise..

Don’t forget to Live and Go Travel

Blessings and peace,

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27 Replies to “5 Things You Need to Know Before You Take a Cruise”

  • I would also say bring some hand sanitizer. It’s like a big old petri dish with so many people’s spoogies circulating in one place. Lol I’ve done a few cruises and I’ve seen some stuff!

    • Lol… yes! Hand sanitizer is a must wherever you are. It stays in my purse and I have no problem in using it. Thanks for your comment.

  • I love cruising as well! It’s a great way to see new places and certainly economical considering lodging, entertainment, and food. I’ve been on three with my husband and am contemplating a family cruise with my kids in the near future. With a family of four, do you normally book suites or two adjacent rooms?

    • Yes.. with a family of four, cruising has always been more economical for us. I have 2 athletic son’s. They are constantly hungry.

      When my kids where younger, we shared a family suite. When they became teenagers, we started doing adjacent rooms.

      We love cruising with our family. We see many sights and worry about nothing. It’s always been a great experience for our family together. Thank you for sharing this post..

  • Cruising is my favorite way to vacation. It makes everything so easy and you get to see and do so many things. I haven’t been on one since my kids were born, but we have talked about booking one soon. They are getting old enough that I think we would all enjoy it.

    • Cruising is a great family vacation. My boys remember some of their trips when younger, but not many. The older they get, the more they appreciate it. Start booking soon. Your kids will love it. If you need a travel agent, let me know.

  • I’d love to go on another cruise! I didn’t know there were specialty dining options available. That sounds like such a great addition.

    • Yes.. the dining options are amazing. We have some awesome cruise pkgs available. If interested, let me know.

    • Cruising is a very relaxing vacation. The Alaskan cruise was one to remember. I love sharing with my clients how to live the good life on a budget with a cruise.

  • I’ve never been on a cruise! I would love to be in one soon since it seems to be the perfect plan for the family!

    I’m looking forward to taking a cruise with my husband soon!

    • Yes.. a cruise is a must in a lifetime. It’s perfect for a family vacation. I would love to help you plan one in the near future.

    • It certainly was. My family of 4 finds a cruise a great budget vacation. I certainly live to go travel.

  • I would so like to take a cruise someday, but Dear Husband is not yet game. The explanation of the “service charge” is a good thing to know. Funny you were just there, because Alaska is one place I’ve thought it would be fun to visit by cruise ship.

    • Oh I promise you, once you get him on a cruise, it will be a regular vacation. I booked a client who’s husband was the same way. They got back and booked another one with me. The Alaska cruise was so exciting and fun.

  • Travel – the only thing you spend money on that can make you ricker. Travel surely can make our lives richer. As we get older we start to realize this more and more. Being an adult has shown me that I need to explore the world more.

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