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10 Reasons Why Thailand Should be on Your Bucket List

The idea of going to an unknown place out of your native land and all the fear and excitement wrapped into one story. There are so many great and wonderful things I can say about Thailand.

Let’s start with why I wanted to visit. As an avid watcher of all the travel shows, it peaked my curriosity. I looked at a world globe, planned for a year, got my coins together and booked. Boy.. was it the best decision I ever made.

We travel not to escape life, but for life to escape us.

10 Beautiful Tales of Thailand and Why it Was One of the Best Trips I’ve Ever Had.

1. The People.. upon arrival after our 19 hour flight, sleep deprivation and being in the same clothes a day and a half, we were greeted with happiness, respect and big, beautiful smiles welcoming us to the island. The people of Thailand are warm and very enchanting. I enjoyed being in their presence and learning their culture.

2. The food.. I’m a foodie at heart. When I tell you the food in Thailand was some of the best I’ve ever eaten, believe that. Not only was it yummy, it was not expensive at all. With my family of 5, we were able to eat great meals for a reasonable price. I must admit, I had to get used to a new diet of eating rice and noodles throughout the day, but it was delicious each time.

This rice and chicken with fresh veggies was good too.

This chicken, butter and garlic was sooooo yummy. This was served at a little restaurant along the beach

Check out more of my yummy foods during my travel in Thailand at Food By Nichelle.

3. The weather.. It was sooo hot each and every day. The weather was measured in celsius. All I know is that the humidity had my natural tresses tight. I had to opt for other hairstyles just to remain presentable 🤣. Everyday was a day to be at the beach, the pool or in water somewhere. This is me, my youngest and the hubby (in the background) in Bangkok at the Eastern Grand Hotel Sathorn rooftop pool. I liked this hotel for several reasons. It was central and the pool area and view were amazing. The rooms were nice and inexpensive. It’s about 30-45 minutes from airport so keep that in mind. As you can see.. we way up there. Did I mention I am afraid of heights?

4. The architecture.. each and almost every building was adorned in gold metal. I’ve never seen so much detail and intrinsic decor in the the creation of a building. The places of worship had the most beautiful detail. Check out more beautiful buildings in Thailand at Live and Go Travel

5. The culture.. The people of Thailand are some of the hardest working people. They do their very best to make certain you are satisfied. From the food to the excursions to the resorts, we received some of the best service bar none. My favorite cultural experience was our visit to the floating market. To see them make the food in front of you and to set up shop on a bank of water to sell products, it was as sight to see.

This is the original and the oldest market in Thailand. It’s typically filled with locals and tourist enjoying a day of shopping.

Travel is more than seeing different sights. It’s an everlasting imprint on your memory forever.

6. The nightlife.. there is never a dull moment in Thailand. People flood the streets dancing, drinking and living out loud. Tourist mostly, but the locals give you some sights to see. Whatever your lifestyle, you can find it here. This is a picture of the famous party location in Bangkok.

7. The wildlife.. from monkey’s to tigers to birds to fish to elephants.. it’s here! Wildlife are living their best life in Thailand too. We had an amazing time feeding the elephants and being terrified in the cage with tigers. Each event was well worth it and I consider both to be a destination added to your travel.

This is a picture of my son and his girlfriend at Tiger Kingdom in Thailand.

8. The drinks.. and I’m not just talking about alcohol. The fruit drinks were the best. I’ve never had fruit so fresh and craved it so much. Upon arrival to our hotel, we were served a welcome drink . We called it the “purple drink.”

This drink was made of fruit juices unknown to me, but I do recall it had lemonade in it and no alcohol. Nevertheless, it was amazing and we wanted to drink it everyday.

There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler who is foreign.

9. The Resorts.. when traveling, I like to stay in the best hotels or resorts. I mean, if I’m going on vacation, I need to be pampered and living my best life. The good thing about Thailand, the accomodations are not too expensive. My family and I stayed at the Marriot Resort in Nai Yang Beach. Not only was it beautiful, we had our own private beach and private beach restaurant. It was close to the airport and they arranged for transportation to pick us up upon arrival. The staff was amazing and treated us like royalty. Do you love beautiful hotels at a discounted rate? Book your next vacation and save up to 40%.

This is a picture of the open space for relaxing. The view overlooked the ocean and was quite welcoming to say the least. We spent time here reading and relaxing when not in our room.

10. The beaches.. even though we spent most of our time on our resort private beach, we got the chance to see the beaches of other islands in Thailand. Our favorite was Phi Phi Island. The water was the most crisp, clean and greenish blue water I have ever seen in my life. The excursion made it great too.

When it was time to go, my family and I were kind of sad. The people, the culture and the island left an everlasting impression on us forever. Even though I have more of the world to see, I will certainly be back in Thailand again.

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Until next time, blessings and peace,

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