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How to Turn Conversations into Sales

Most people don’t realize that conversation is the key to building solid relationships in business and life.

“What we dwell on is what we become good at.” ~Oprah Winfrey

Conversations help build trust, respect, likeability and authority. In business, you don’t know what people like until you ask. This is the beginning of identifying your target market.

Identify what makes your business different in order to make it profitable. ~Nichelleism

So many business people miss the conversation aspect of building consistent, repeat business because they fail to ask the right questions and speak to the right people.

Every conversation is a pathway to the next. The person who makes the decision is who must buy what you are attempting to sell.

Another way to turn conversation into sales is through the process of follow up and follow through. I explain it in the video below.’

How to Turn Conversations Into Sales

Whatever stage you are in business, realize what you say and how you do it can keep you in business for a long time with repeat sales. If people like you, they will buy. If they respect you, they will buy some more and refer you.

People buy from people, not businesses and the process begins with great conversations.

“Become the person who would attract the results you seek.” ~Jim Cathcart

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