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4 Ways to Manifest Your Weakness

The quote “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We all have to start somewhere to get to the next level in a career, life and/or relationships. To keep going nowhere is not a destination of success and typically ends up in disappointment.

Failure and success always meet during the process.

Most people never admit a problem until they get stuck or have to do it. There is nothing wrong with seeking help. In fact, those who seek help are the strongest because it takes guts to admit you don’t have it all together.

Being a “know it all” is self limiting as there is no room for growth. Not to mention, these people can be quite annoying living in their fantasy world of “knowing everything”.

4 Ways to Manifest in Your Weakness

1. Acknowledge your weakness. Most people are quick to acknowledge a strength versus a weakness. You can’t make something better or change it without admitting there’s a problem. By acknowledging your weakness, you are saying I need balance in my life and I want to be better at everything I do.

2. Correct your weakness.
Your weakness can actually be a strength. By correcting, you can change your life dramatically. Most often a weaknesses is something we feel we are not good at or don’t like. What if improving that weakness increased your income or helped you meet the person you have been dreaming about? You would certainly look at that weakness different wouldn’t you.

3. Invest in your weakness. The more you invest in you, the more of a return you will find in your investment. So if you invest in coaching your weakness into a strength or learning how to make your weakness a strength, you win all the way around.

4. Master your weakness. Upon the mastery of your weakness, you can remove the fear of it being a weakness. You can now consider it a strength and manifest in all that comes with it. You are empowered. You are confident. You are prepared to embody a new you by manifesting your weakness.

Your next level will always be worth the challenge.

Bottom line, we can all work to be better daily. The more improved you become, the more valuable to self and others you become as well. This improvement reduces the need for comparison to others and the denial that life can’t be better. Just keep in mind that we all have something different to bring to the table and this in which we manifest in is what makes us different.

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I hope this message gives you the power and the strength to manifest the life of your dreams.

Much love & happiness,

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