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5 Reasons Why Your Personal Credit Score Matters More Than You Know

Credit is not always something we pay attention to until we need it. In life you can get caught up on so many levels and before you know it, it’s too late.

My parents preached to me as a college student about the importance of having great credit. As with most young people, I didn’t listen. As a college student, we were magnets to all kind of lose credit. Creditors threw open lines of credit to you with no problem or income. And of course, most snactched it up, including myself. It was the worst thing I’ve ever done to myself and my finances.

Fast forward, you grow and you learn. Hopefully once you know better, you begin to do better. Listed below are 5 Reasons Why Your Person al Credit Score Matters. There are so many more, but hopefully these will open your eyes to get on the right track now versus waiting to later and regretting it.

1. You need to have a decent credit score to rent an apartment or buy a home. Most landlords do a background check before giving you the keys. For certain a mortgage lender will require you to have a certain score before they lend you money to buy a home. Therefore, a negative credit score can impact where and how you live.

2. Your personal credit is leverage to your financial future. Credit allows you to acquire things in advance without upfront money and it gives you more opportunity to secure the things you need when you need them. Yes cash is important. But if you have great credit, your cash is just an extra asset.

3. Bad credit can affect your lifestyle choices. If credit is poor (bad), it can affect your insurance rating which means you will pay more for the things you need, i.e., car insurance, life insurance and hazzard insurance.

4. You will pay extra for services you have to pay for anyway. Utility companies use credit scores to estimate whether you need to make a deposit in order to get services.

5. You may have difficulty securing employment. Employers check your credit for personal responsibility. A low score may prevent you from securing the career you desire.

Bottom line, you can’t afford to keep having bad credit. Need to improve your credit score today? This SELF STARTER CREDIT REPAIR gives you the control you need to start the pathway to excellent credit for a one time fee of $99. You get all the tools and resources needed to view and correct your credit issues.

Don’t be a victim to your credit. Today you can start changing your financial life for the better. You deserve to have financial prosperity.

Learn more about me and what I do to help you at Triad Realty Group, LLC or The Start Up CEO.

I look forward to seeing you upleveling your life on all levels in 2019. May everything you touch turn to gold.

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29 Replies to “5 Reasons Why Your Personal Credit Score Matters More Than You Know”

  • This is an interesting blog post about credit score! This is an important topic for every body! I have so many friends who don’t have good credit score and it affects them in so many ways

  • I’ve always been good with my credit and had a very high score. When we moved a few years ago our good credit stopped us from having to pay the deposit on our utilities. It makes such a difference in so many aspects of life, for sure!

  • Thanks for your informative post. This year, I was on a quest to repair my credit. All the information you shared are useful to me.

  • I need to pay more attention to my credit score. I admit that sometimes I dont pay attention but I had no idea how important it is!

    • Yes.. thanks for your honesty. Most people don’t realize how important credit is until it’s too late.

  • Thank you for this insightful article. I didn’t know many of the points. Thankfully so far I have good credit card score..

  • Credit scores can have all kinds of impacts on life for good and for bad. And the people who encourage you to do bad things which will negatively affect your score always do this when you are young and not as equipt to make better decisions, also a sad fact of life.

  • I didn’t realise a bad credit score could affect future employment ! This may also be the case with studying and getting a loan in the U.K. I got a bad credit score when initially I had 2,000 pounds of fraud I was just lucky it was in my credit card and got the money back!

  • I didn’t fully realize the importance of a good credit score until I was older. I’m trying to teach my teenager financial responsibility so he doesn’t have to learn the hard way like I did!

    • Yes.. ditto! Even when my parents tried to teach me early on, I still didn’t listen until I tried to buy my first house.

  • I’m super proud of my credit!!! I went from zero credit to a score over 800 in a little over a year after years ago. Now we are working on my hubby’s credit

  • We immigrated to the states when I was 29. It’s been a struggle to build up credit since, it’s been easier than for others, but it’s still hard to get credit up to the point we can do things like buying a house.

  • I’m currently in college and I didn’t know crédit could take a toll on these things. I’m happy I’m working on mine now and I’m too scared to not make a payment on time lol!

    • Yaaas! I too fell into that trap in college. Most don’t realize how important it is until they need credit. By then, it’s a work in progress.

  • Thank you for dropping those gems! I’m trying to get my credit and it’s so stressful I’m just now really understanding the importance of good credit and managing my finances properly

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for reading. We never understand the value of something until we need it. We’ve all been there. Don’t forget to get your complimentary guide to build your score.

  • Everything Nichelle says here is true and it is important to instill that in our children as they go off to college.
    That said, a stellar credit score can go south when unforeseeable events like illness, legal matters, and major job loss throw a curveball our way. There is help for a chance to pick up and repair the damage. Don’t give up peeps!

    • Thank you! I agree that “good credit” can sometimes be out of our control with life challenges. Communication is so important at that point. Call the creditors and at least make them aware.

  • such a helpful article!! I wish more people were aware of how impactful your credit report can be.

    Even if your score is bad it’s so important to know what is on your report, that’s the first step to bettering it.

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