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How to Make Money Online with Your Knowledge

The internet has made money making easier than ever before. In fact, you can now earn an income from your bed without ever going into an office. Instead of being physically present at a certain location to promote and sell your products or services, you now have the whole world as your potential clients on the world wide web! How great is that! You can become a household name and internationally known with the stroke of a key.

It’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to the internet to make passive income and eventually quit their job. And in today’s uncertain economy, it’s not like you don’t need an additional stream of income. In fact, if you don’t have one in place, you are on a fast track to losing in this global economy.

Interested in making money with your knowledge? Of course you are. One of the simplest ways to do it is to develop and market information products like an eBook, services or a product. Listed below are 5 ways to start pimping your knowledge through information.

1. Pick a topic that you are interested in.
Find an area of your interest or something you are familiar with and can speak and write about. For instance, if you have been successful as a public speaker, you can share some tips, strategies and techniques on how to become a public speaker in some form of knowledge, i.e., book or video. Personally, I’m passionate about many topics and you can be too. But starting out, I would recommend sticking with one.

2. Survey the market.
Google is the new library. You can find anything you need to know and are interested in. Use “Google External Keyword” tool to find out the search volume of your target market. Search volume reflects the interest of the online population on your topic . As long as the “keyword” of your topic has a decent search volume, you can assume that your informational product or service (e-book) would have some demand upon completion. Make certain you research as much as possible about your topic in order to make the product a demandable informational product or service. Research is key when producing valuable content. Content is king and engagement is the queen. If you want results deliver value to your readers and talk to them about it. This will enable you to consistently attract readers to what you write and be relatable in the process.

Great content is fire and social media is the gasoline.

3. Brainstorming Daily for Ideas
On a daily basis, keep a list of ideas for your topic either on your phone, in a notebook or on your computer. Something happens everyday you can write about or find a solution to make better. The single major benefit of writing down all your ideas as they come in is that you can avoid forgetting about them later on. You can also strategically add to the ideas as you go. This technique saves so much time if you use it on a regular basis. I get ideas often by reading an article, socializing with people, watching TV when I get time and just spending quite time alone. My mind is always spinning and thinking. If this is you, put that knowledge in a book, start a service or develop a product and sell it.

4. Create a website, landing page or sign up with a system to sell.
Once you create your informational product, service or e-book, now you need to let the world know it’s available. You need a platform to promote and sell your informational product. I personally like selling things on my own personal website, but systems like Gumroad are easy sites to use and set up. Amazon is a great place to house your best sellers (books).

I’m speaking that in advance for you. Start with using free blogsites such as Blogspot or WordPress as marketing tools to write and share your thoughts via blog post. Build an audience. As your traffic builds up and you start getting noticed, consider upgrading to a web hosting site where you have more freedom in customizing the website for the content. Siteground is one of my favorite hosting sites and it’s very cost effective too.

5. Draw traffic to your website
A common strategy is by creating interesting content on your blog. This free information serves three purposes: first, to show your expertise on said topic. Second, to educate the public about the topic. Third, to prime readers to purchase your ebook, product or services. You can also go to a similar blog, guest post and share relevant comments and link to your articles. Always be networking and getting to know others in your desired industry.

Marketing is shouting to the world that you are a rock star with something to say.

I hope these tips have given you perspective of how to start collecting dollars for your knowledge. The internet has literally become a business operation for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Don’t miss out on this ooportunity to build a brand and create some income.

I’m Nichelle, The Start Up CEO. If you need help starting, marketing, growing and profiting in your own online business, I would love to help you get started. Contact me here to see what I can do to help you.

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