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The Business Reality Check from a Pair of Brown Eyes

People don’t seem to realize or understand and I wonder do they really care. Being a business and working in one are two different road trips. No discredit to the direct sales and/or network marketers, but there is no comparison to this reality.

Live without fear of tomorrow because what you do today counts. ~Nichelle Womack

I look up to and admire others who run a company as an advocate too. It is so appreciated when someone believes in your dream the way you do. It’s hard to find people who are passionate and deliberate with a mission.

Running any business is hard. But when you are the creator, the founder, the CEO, the secretary & the laymen, you have a whole different concept of what it means to REALLY run, own and operate a business.

Don’t be afraid to push beyond what they say. ~Nichelle Womack

Your name, your credit, your time, your reputation is always on the line. No one understands but you and others who have walked and endured that path.

Owning a business is much harder than a job, but easier than 40 years doing something you don’t like just for a check to check week by week and call yourself living a good life.

Punching your own clock .. well you won’t get paid if you don’t. A day without the phone ringing, the freat of a missed call, no direct or daily deposits. A small business owner’s reality. God forbid you get sick. Good luck!

I see why people are afraid to let go because on the other side, there can be a lot of uncertainty and so much skepticism. Yet.. most never look back when they step off the ledge. So you are going in the right direction.

Expect more, get more, do more. ~Nichelle Womack

Very few entrepreneurs of small business, especially black business, ever get recognized for what they do. Most are told to go get a job because the fear superceeds the faith.

Small businesses, mom and pop shops, you are the minority for a reason. Little respect is given, you’re not a celebrity, so you lack publicity and some support. You are the real hero. Keep living & doing your dream. Don’t give up on you and the FREEDOM that you’ve worked hard to attain. Live your life in the trenches now so you can enjoy the beaches later on.

Wake up and get the dream started. ~Nichelle Womack


The Small Business Owner ~ Nichelle


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