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5 Ways to Turn Your Flaws into Assets

If you ask someone what is their greatest asset, or strengths, they will probably give a you a long list. However, many will not share with you their weakness because nobody likes to talk about what they are not good at doing. We all have something we don’t like and something we want to change. Unfortunately change doesn’t come easy and it often resorts to a process and a journey that many are too impatient to wait upon.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Benard Shaw

As a certified life coach, I often work with women who are seeking a missing piece to their greatness. As a result, I have identified a system to help them along the way.. Listed below are a few ways we discuss how to create the life you desire. I’m calling it 5 Ways to Turn Your Flaws into Assets. If you use this strategy, you will be on a path to boost your confidence and confirm your purpose. The more you speak over your situation and your life, the more comfortable and confident you will be in receiving what you desire.

  1. Accept yourself for who you are. You are meant to be you and you only. The only one you should be competing with is you. Don’t allow others to make you feel less than your worth by comparing yourself to them and their accomplishment. Land wherever you are and excel in it. If you are not where you want to be, start planning how to get there. Day by day work on you. This message should give you clarity.
  2. Use what you have. Everyone has a talent or skill that is uniquely theirs. What can you do that others have said they wish they could do it to? We often hide our gifts because we don’t know how to use them to make our life complete. Unwrap your gifts, use them and enjoy the fact that can’t nobody do it like you.
  3. Identify what makes you unique. Your uniqueness is special. It’s something you can’t pay for nor could you give it away. It solely belongs to you and it is your “it factor” that separates you from others. Use your uniqueness as leverage to empower you. This could be the difference between a promotion on a job or a new relationship with a significant other. This message here should shake you up.
  4. Create a “master pledge” that is a bond between “me, myself and I. This is a commitment to self and it can’t be broken unless you break it with yourself. This can be as simple as “by this time next month I will have $25.” Make this pledge attainable and worth pursuing.
  5. Celebrate daily accomplishments.. All too often we wait for others to applaud our achievements. Well I’ve learned everyone is not going to appreciate you and what you do. Therefore to save yourself from heartache and dependence on others, be kind to yourself and pat your own self on the back for a job well done. Each day you should be moving towards your goals. Make certain to keep yourself accountable. This message will help you with goal setting.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” Helen Keller

At one point in my life I wasn’t always comfortable with my choices or decisions. It wasn’t until I hired the services of a life coach to give me clarity and to help me identify my purpose. Most people go through life not knowing what they are designed to do. And even if you are doing it, there is always a better way to do it to help magnify it to another level.

If you find yourself in a still position and needing direction to or through, I would be happy to help you connect the dots. Contact me here to schedule an appointment.

I am Nichelle. Your certified, degreed life, business and relationship strategist. I help you magnify your strengths, identify your weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities and devour the threats while escaping your comfort zone.. I love what I do and I take pride in helping you be a greater you.

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  • I definitely had to learn to celebrate my accomplishments, especially the small ones. I would wait for others but now I just celebrate with myself!

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