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What I Loved About Roaming the Streets of Seattle

One’s travel is never a destination, but a new way of seeing things.

Another one in the books. Seattle.. scratched off the list as a first time visit. I will certainly come back because I so enjoyed the experience, the sights, the people and the cool weather.

Now as much as I love to travel, I really don’t like to fly. There’s something about being that close to the sky.

The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you experience what life has to offer.

Upon our arrival from the sky, we see what you would never experience on the ground. At 20,000 feet in the air, our eyes rested upon this. A mountain filled with snow and wrapped in a pillow of clouds. How captivating is this.

As soon as we got off the plane and checked into the hotel, we headed to get a bite to eat at a place one might be offended if they paid attention to the name.


This place was different. A tourist attraction for sure nestled on the side in a small community setting. The line wrapped around the building so we knew it had to be good. My husband did a great job sharing his thoughts here.

After our tummies were full, we began our days adventure of enjoying this wonderful city.

We headed to one of the highlights of our trip. The Space Needle. Check out our ride.

It is worth the visit to explore and see the landscape of Seattle. Up to the top, 605 feet in the air, in under a minute. The view was great.

The foodie lover in us is always looking for the next best, great thing to eat. Seafood is one of my family favorites and this seafood was tasty for sure.

The seafood boil left us full and happy to be amongst some of the best seafood in the world right in Seattle.

Fear responds to what you feed it.

But this here… says it all. My husband is a bit of an adventurist and he lives on the wild side when eating. My kids and I watched in disgust as he enjoyed his oyster delicasy. Pier 66 has lots of different restaurants to choose from, but this is where we landed.

Interesting to say the least. While recording this video, I had to gasp for air as he ate this slimmy stuff.

I love traveling with my family as no time is ever the same and each time makes me love them even more.

If you’ve never been to Seattle, make sure you add it to your list of to do. There’s something for everyone and plenty of memories to be made.

3 Things to Know Before You Visit….

1. Don’t come broke. Seattle is expensive. Make certain you financially come prepared to enjoy the city and its great amenities. Need extra money before you go? Learn how to start your own online store here.

2. Be prepared for a change of weather in a heartbeat. One second it can be sunny and the next minute it can be raining. We brought an umbrella which came in handy. The weather was cool and a light jacket was perfect for the shifty breeze.

3. Put your walking shoes on and get to climbing. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel on 6th which is downtown and in the middle of a lot of attractions. Be prepared to climb a hill or two. Every corner we turned around it was a hill to get back up. I must say I got my workout in daily. A few times we had to catch a Lyft because it seemed as though we were headed up a mountain.

Overall, I highly recommend a visit or two or three to Seattle. My family and I had a great time. We enjoyed the food, the views and the many attractions.

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